Integrated Email Messaging System / Marketing Tool

The EdaptITâ„¢ email /messaging management system offers a simplified way to manage all incoming and outgoing messages to customers. Because it is fully integrated it offers features unavailable in any other system.

  • Consolidates all customer messages and emails into one work queue. It also ties those messages to the customer history available throughout the system for reference later during shipping, sales inquiries, etc.
  • EdaptITâ„¢ also has a fully integrated email marketing campaign component, allowing you to use customer information to customize emails and target specific demographics.

Improved Customer Service

  • Because all messages are consolidated into a single work queue multiple staff members can work messages simultaneously to respond more quickly, while at the same time eliminating duplication of efforts. Messages remain in the queue until answered ensuring completion.
  • All previous customer correspondence are threaded together minimizing research time
  • Eliminates the need to log into multiple sites or manage an email client
  • Information is available for review throughout so the need to forward information to other departments is minimized, i.e. shipping is required to review notes before processing can be completed
  • Responses are sent via email, through channel messaging and ebay messages automatically updating the response on each selling channel

EdaptIT has a mass mail email marketing tool.

  • Send HTML or plain text emails
  • Include customer name, company, etc
  • Select based on a variety of customer criteria

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