Shipping and Fulfillment Work Queue

Orders from all venues go into the shipping queue. The shipping queue is sorted by warehouse and location to aid in workflow.

The shipping queue also identifies multiple orders from the same buyer, across multiple sites, so that they can be consolidated into a single shipment. This saves time and shipping costs.

When an order enters the ship queue the details of the parts ordered, ship to location, payment, buyer/customer service notes, and previous actions are available. Messages can be sent directly to the buyer from the shipping queue when needed.

When an order is shipped a packing slip is generated and either a, FedEx, UPS, or USPS label. Inventory is adjusted and the shipment details are automatically emailed to the customer.

Other Features include;

  • Partial shipping
  • Pending a shipment
  • Notification of disputes or refunds
  • Review of buyer and customer service notes prior to shipping required