EdaptIT™ offers a suite of ecommerce business development services. Our software is the most versatile multi channel selling solution available.

Our Story

With ecommerce accounting for over 20% of all retail sales, every business needs to participate to survive. The question is how? EdaptIT™ has the answer.

Just opening a web store isn’t enough. When industry giants like Amazon and ebay have a combined 400 Million Global buyers looking at their merchants products, can you afford not to participate? The challenge is how to manage multiple selling venues or “channels”? EdaptIT™ is the solution.

EdaptIT™ is the most comprehensive end to end multi channel selling solution on the market. EdaptIT™ can integrate with your current business or operate as a standalone system giving you a single system to manage all of your online sales. EdaptIT™ manages everything from POS, Inventory, Product Placement, Sales, Shipping and Fulfillment, drop ship orders, email marketing, messaging, and much more.