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Business Workflow
Identity Verification
fingerprint Verification

Secure and Reliable Identity Verification

Using Plaid's verification and financial technology,we are able to securely verify a user's identity, as well as verify banking and payroll data.

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account_balance Accounting

Streamlining Managed Accounting Services

In today's fast-paced business environment, accounting firms are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their services while providing cost-effective, efficient solutions to their clients.

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Accounting Services

We have partnered with top platforms across the industry

webhook Technology

Technology Solutions for Every Aspect Of Your Business

If you are having difficulty streamlining certain areas of your business, consult with us to find the right solution.

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storefront Ecommerce

Ecommerce That Will Grow Your Business

Our ecommerce software makes it super easy to expand the reach of your online store by integrating into Amazon, Ebay and other online market places.

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Seamless Integration

EdaptIT™ specializes in helping businesses make the transition into online retail and eCommerce. Our team has expertise in areas ranging from web development, custom programming, server technologies and running online retail stores.


Advanced Services

EdaptIT can offer clients various services due to it’s multiple partnerships. We can help you enhance your business, streamline your workflow, and enhance your marketing strategy. See what edaptIT can do for you.


Countless Features

Ecommerce isn’t just a web store anymore. Adapt your business to ecommerce with EdaptIT™ and experience the power of a fully integrated multi channel selling solution.

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